Hi! I'm Jen. I love making stuff and growing flowers. After fashion school I moved to Montreal, designing handbags and clothing for Canadian companies for over a decade. I was lucky enough to travel and see my sketches come to life in stores across the world.

 Over time, fashion lost its luster and I started looking for something more sustainable. I took an intensive floristry course and invested in Floret's Small Scale Flower Farming workshop. I continued to work full-time while learning how to grow flowers. Our neighbours happened to be organic farmers and were kind enough to sell our bouquets at their store. I loved it!

In 2020, we bought Nick's grandparents' property and moved to beautiful Nova Scotia. We've been working on getting the garden healthy and slowly growing our dahlia collection. We focus on dahlias because they're truly superstars of the garden. They have an incredible range of flower shapes and delicious colours. When the field explodes into bloom there is nothing like it! By selling dahlia tubers to flower lovers across Canada, Nick and I hope everyone can be dazzled by dahlias in their own gardens.

When I'm not toiling outside, I'm thrifting and searching for textile treasure. Instead of contributing to fast fashion, I try to extend the life of gently used clothing. Sometimes I sell pre-owned clothing as is, sometimes I repair and restore. Lately, I've been combining vintage textiles and pre-loved clothing into new, wearable pieces that I hope will be treasured for years to come.

Flower Supernova is my way to share things I've made and flowers we've grown - a place where you can find handmade goodness and homegrown beauty.